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Beirut Championship 2022

Lebanese Kyokushin Championship 2022

The Lebanese Kyokushin Championship 2022 was held on 27th November 2022 in Lebanon.

Mojtaba Championship 2022

German Open 2022

WAKKU German Open 2022
KUMITE & KATA, 19th November

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7th International Seminar 2022

The 7th International Kyokushin Seminar held from 9th - 11th September 2022 in Cologne, Germany.
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Referee Course 2022

As part of the Association Championship 2022 on June 11th, a Referee Course was also held in Cologne, Germany, led by Shihan Shehab.

Association Championship 2022

On June 11, 2022, the regular association championship for children was held in Cologne. The participants, who were between 6 and 12 years, could prove their skills in the disciplines Kata and Kumite.

WAKU Romania Challenge Cup

WAKU Romania Challenge Cup 2022
7th Edition KATA & KUMITE
28-29 May 2022

South African Black Belt Training 2021

The Dan lesson took place under the direction of Shihan Sipho Ndlovu, WAKKU South Africa

Romanian Wintercamp 2021

Wintercamp 2021 organized by WAKKU Romania

World Championship

The 1st Virtual Kyokushin Kata Championship took place from 1st July - 1st September 2021.

Instructor Camp

The Instructor Camp in India on 18th October 2020

Challenge Cup

The 7th WAKU Romania Challenge Cup from 22nd - 23rd August 2020

Summer Camp

The International Kyokushin Summer Camp from 16th - 19th July 2020 in Romania

International Seminar

The 6th International German Seminar took place from 30th August - 2nd September 2019

International Tournament

International Challenge Tournament 2019 in Romania, April 2019

Spring Seminar

The Seminar was held from 14th - 15th March 2019 in Iran

Kanamura Championship

The First Kyokushin Kanamura Championship in Iran on 1st February 2019

South African Tournament

The South African Kyokushin Tournament was held on 29th September 2018

Romanian Seminar

International Seminar in Romania between 1st - 3rd August 2018

International Championship

The International Championship 2016 was held in Romania between 24th - 26th August 2016