Between 24-26’th of August, the International W.A.K.U. Seminar was held. The special invite of this event was Hanshi Hussein Suleiman 8 DAN from Kuwait. The event was organized by Romania’s Branch Chief of the W.A.K.U organization, Tudor Mihail Valentin 3 DAN. Together with Hanshi Hussein Hassan Suleiman, there came Ali Assaf, a dedicated kyokushin practitioner and student of Hanshi Suleiman. Emotions were high, the children restless. However, everybody passed and the presence of Hanshi Hussein Suleiman was a true joy for everyone involved. The events were held on the Salt Lake beach, and the program was intensive, with 2 trainings per day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Hanshi Hussein Suleiman shared important ideas about the techniques and kumite strategies left by Sosai Oyama. Besides the certificates offered to those who participated in the seminar, Hanshi Hussein offered certificates of achievement to both small and big fighters, everyone leaving extremely satisfied.