Seventy participants took part in the open-air seminar in Afghanistan on February 3, 2024.
The seminar was held by the headteacher of the Khost Karate Federation, Rahmanullah Wasal.
According to Wasal, for the need of the provincial peace committee, 
to give a seminar for teachers and students including Sukumat in the open space,
the women’s seminar is practicing hard in this field.
According to Pakistan, the topic of the seminar, Kata, Boxing and several other
techniques, was based on what was emphasized and shown.
These teachers and students were also given exercises in mountain climbing,
which can help them in self-improvement and development.
In the case of the competition, the necessary recommendations to them, wishing the participants success.
Afghanistan World All Kyokushin Karate Union Branch Chief

Rahmanullah Wesal