Description of WAKKU Romania:

Another edition of the Kyokushin Karate Seminar, organized by WAKU Romania, ended. Being given that belt exams genuinely conclude each seminar, we feel happy to announce that every athlete has successfully completed the exam!

This time, over 180 athletes, ready to overcome their limits, gathered, so the hall which once hosted WAKU championships became the hall destined for seminars and belt exams.

This Spring seminar was made all the more special by Senpai: Dragos Jipcu, Marius Boghian and Madalin Boghian, all of them having given and successfully taken their belt exams, and by Senpai Mihaela Ciuraru, who released her first book through which she wishes to motivate the next karate-ka generations by presenting her own experience as a martial artist.

We offer thanks to supportive parents, to Sensei Tudor Valentin and to the entire WAKU Romania team for the whole organization of this event and, last but not least, we would like to thank our photographer, Alex Vlad, and his marketing team, ANUR3 Digital Marketing Agency! OSU!